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Bodacious Blues BBQ.

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Our first contest for the year. We went to Carmel, Indian, just north of Indiana (a town where Brett lived for almost 2 years in the early 1990's) for our fiurst foray into Indiana in 5 years. They had music, vendors and lots of things to do, so we brought Kyle and Joel with us. Everyopne had a blast, the rain stayed away (but it did get very cold at night) and we had our best performance.


Award Received For : Brisket

We were waiting, and waiting, having not been called up for anything (top 5 only here). They were down to the last category, Brisket, and then we heard it, second Place Brisket, Memphis in Mundelein, with a 3 foot high trophy. Chest bumps all around. Then after getting the results, we found out that we placed sixth overall in the contest (out of 32 teams) with nothing worse than 12th (for both ribs and chicken). We just missed a first place trophy in brisket and a 5th place award in pork butt.

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Mark, Kyle, Joel and Brett with the trophy.

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