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Peoria Rockin` Rib fest

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Another first time contest (we find a lot of these, well becaise there are not a lot of contests within a 3 to 4 hour drive of Mundelein, IL we do still have day jobs). This was also the contest to bring our sons to. Beatutiful setting on the Illinois River, though the traffic noise from the I-74 bridge overhead made sleep tough for more than 15 minutes at a time. We had to skip the IL State Championships this year, due to family committments, so this was our last chance to win an award this year. We made up for it by winning two!

Award 1

Award Received For : Chicken


Award Received For : Ribs

It is the sauce. Yes, we started to cook thighs, instead of breasts (a trick we learned on the circuit, much less likely to dry out) We marinated in sauce for 3 hours and then cooked for 3 hours and pulled down an award for sauce, I mean chicken. Joel and I went up, did the now infamous chest bump and picked up another award.

We won our first offical award for ribs, so it was only fitting to let Mark the Rib Master and his son Kyle pick up the ribbon. Way to go!

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