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Hog Wild BBQ Contest

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Another first time contest, but this was a good one because they had big prize money, which meant many of the better teams from the BBQ circuit were there. We were able to set up near some friends again (Klondike Pete and JR, and Heidi) who brought the sweetest corn we have ever had, direct from Heidi's farm up the road near Oshkosh, WI. On the way home the next day, we stopped for breakfast in Cambridge, WI for breakfast, the hometown of Matt Kenseth, who was on his way to the NASCAR Championship that year (Mark is a big fan, so he was way into it).


Award Received For : Brisket

We also heard our name called for ribs, at 10th place, which given the competition shows how far we have come on ribs from the 85th out of 86 in the World Pork Expo in 2000 (thanks to Mark the Rib Master, we can now say we have won for ribs, but alas they only gave ribbons to 7th place, even though they called to 10th). There was no mistake when they called us for Brisket, our best finish yet. And this time Brett and Mark gave each other a chest bump. No one went down this time.

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