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IL State Championships

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We had quite a few fans at this contest. My in-laws were in town and came out on Saturday, watching us turn in all our meats for judging. We also brought our kids with us, who enjoyed the BBQ Field Of Dreams. Even some people from work showed up (being only 2 hours from home helped), as well as many of our now familiar friends from the BBQ circuit. It was another beautiful day in Shannon. Hope to see you soon.


Award Received For : Brisket

We waited, and waited, and then finally when they got to Brisket we heard our name called. As Mark, Joel and I made our way up to pick up our awards, my son Joel and I did a chest bump. Ok, we were a little excited, but we got a big laugh as Joel went sprawling. No harm, no foul and a great finish to the weekend.

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