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MD State Championships

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This was our first long distance contest. We ventured to Bel Air, MD to join forces with the BBQ Dogs and help them with their first (and so far only) contest. Actually, we went to MD to cook with our good friend Tony, who had helped us several years ago at the IL State Championships. We put the cooker together the day before the contest and had to make some adjustments during the contest. But, we did cook right next to the Smoke Ring, who ended up Grand Champion and also suggested we needed more variety (and less Jimmy Buffett in our CD collection).


Award Received For : Brisket

Well, as noted above we had some adjustments to make, and broke in a new cooker. But we had a great time, and building on our prior successes, managed to pull in an award for Brisket. Not only that, the leftovers made soem great friends on the flight home that night!

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