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WI State Championships

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This was our first contest. We didn`t know a thing about how the contest would run, other than we wanted to give it a try. What we did have was a great time, and then when the awards were handed out, we were called not once, but twice. For Chicken and Pork. The only reason we won for chicken was because of our sauce. Pork, we hit on something because we turned it in without sauce, but the chicken was the sauce.

Fourth Place

Award Received For : Pork

Ninth Place

Award Received For : Chicken

This was our first contest, after cooking as part of a team at Memphis in May, World Championships. We must have been paying attention, because we took fourth place on our first try. Now we were hooked.

Hey, our first contest and our second award. Yes it was 9th place, but hey, they called our name and we won. There were 26 teams, so we felt pretty good. We also knew we had a winner with our sauce, because all we did was grill some chicken and slather it in our sauce!

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